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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Today started off overcast but the sun soon made an appearance. Having been woken up at 6.30 by the radio I decided to make an early start on the pressure washing. It's certainly teaching me to be patient only being able to do a bit at a time. Once I'd run out of water and done my usual morning housework I jumped back into bed for a snooze and our weekly Archers omnibus.
Due to a leak the water level in the small pond drops dramatically in dry weather. That gave me a chance to clear out the grass growing in the water and at the same time I cut down all last year's dead growth and had a general tidy up. In an attempt to puddle over the leak, which I assume is the result of pulling out some deep rooted iris, I did some extra stomping around in the shallow edges. It might work though probably not. I also split some wood but we have almost come to the end of the dry wood. Unfortunately some of the wood at the back of the shed got damp and doesn't burn well. I'm gradually re-stacking it so that it can dry out properly.
Lots of new growth appearing. 


Happyone said...

A pretty sunny flower. : )
We have sunshine today too.

Nicole Martin said...

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