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Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I woke to a grey morning with rain in the air. I had to go into town to post a parcel so I  loaded up the car with stuff for the dump and a large bag of books to take to the charity shop. Those I had to lug across the bridge as the place I was taking them to is not accessible by car during their opening hours. The dump was pretty busy but with Easter coming up it's the time when people start DIY projects and tidying up their gardens. I like getting rid of stuff and it was very satisfying to throw 2 large boxed speakers into the 'electrical goods' skip as well as the random stuff that went in the 'everything else' skip. My plan is to clear the junk from the outbuilding where the swallows nest before they arrive back from their winter in Africa. 
It wasn't too cold when I was in town and I ended up putting my coat in my bag while I walked along the High Street. I drove over to BJ's and bought some grass seed. No scientific method in working out how much to get, I just filled a bag and when I got home sprinkled the grass seed liberally over the bare ground left after yesterday's work. It began to rain quite a bit in the afternoon so I 'forgot' about playtime and kept the children working straight through before reading an end of day story which we don't normally have time for.
Photos taken on the way home at about 6.00.

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