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Saturday, 28 March 2015


The combination of a sinus headache and windy, wet weather made staying in bed seem like the best option this morning. Even Speedy felt that it was a day for lying with his paws pressed up to the warm rayburn.
The rain eased off later but low clouds kept the air filled with fine drizzle. When it's like this I tend to gravitate towards my pc or even the tv doing nothing useful at all. Today I avoided these temptations, - mostly, and got on with school planning for next term. Often I end up doing my planning on the last few days of the holiday but the Year 1 RE is now planned and thought about. Still to do is PE for the reception children.
After that I went out to do some clearing up in the outbuildings. I was back quite quickly as once again I had hit my head on the very low lintel there. Half an hour with an ice pack and I went back to filling up bags to take to the dump next week. And yes, I knocked my head again but not so badly. While I was up there I cut back the fuscia bush in the scree garden and rather than just throw the twigs on the compost heap I stuck them into some rough ground where if they grow they will look better than the brambles.
Time now, with the wind whistling around the building, to build a fire and heat up some pumpkin soup for supper.

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