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Thursday, 5 March 2015


It's been a dry day with the clouds rolling in during the afternoon. I was at school all day again. As it's World Book Day I had been asked to plan a day of art activities for the reception class. Just my cup of tea. The art was based on Elmer the elephant with the children painting, drawing and making collages. I had all the collage materials in tubs in one area, the children selected materials of one colour into their own tub and then went and stuck everything down in the next area. All was going well right up until the end when to 'help' tidy up one child tipped all the tubs of tiny things; beads, buttons, feathers and shapes together, arghhh! The reception class teacher likes things to be ultra tidy so it took even longer than usual to get the classroom back into shape. I wanted to get away from school fairly quickly so that I had time to go to the High Street, change my library books, buy a new Sudoku book and do a little bit of shopping. As it's  St Piran's Day and having been born in Cornwall, I thought it appropriate to call in at  the pasty shop and buy a couple of pastys (they reduce them just before closing time). I shall be eating one for my supper. I did resist the temptation of some sweet almond croissants which were also reduced, I feel indulgent enough having a pasty.
On the way home I stopped at the same place as yesterday but it wasn't quite sunset and the sky was cloudy. I did get a good shot of Dartmoor looming on the horizon 60 miles away.
When I got home I discovered that now my neighbour has cleared the bushes above the stream I have a clear view into the indoor riding school. They had the lights on and I could see the riders cantering steadily around the bottom corner. That brought back happy memories of the days when I rode regularly. Maybe one day I'll take it up again, in a more sedate manner.
And I've baked some chocolate muffins for Peter to take to work tomorrow.


Billy said...

At first I thought you meant to say pastry, but I looked it up and I was wrong. I love your blog! I believe I am going to learn quite a bit. The pasty sounds divine, according to Wikipedia, although I doubt it does it any justice.

Happyone said...

Hope you enjoyed your pasty. : )
Love that picture of the tree.