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Wednesday, 25 March 2015


It's still feeling quite cold but the sun was out this morning. I finished cleaning all the paving at the front of the house and can now move on to the paving at the back around the conservatory. As we were promised a dry day I put a coat of gloss paint on the porch woodwork. At almost every stroke one or two bristles came out of the brush and stuck to the paintwork. It was only an old brush so I chucked it away when I was done. I'll get some cheap brushes which I can wrap in cling film at the end of each session and then throw out when the job is finished. With gloss paint the white spirits to clean the brush cost more than new brushes. When I came home tonight the paint was adorned with a number of flies stuck to the paint. I'll wait until the paint is properly dry and then remove them.
At school this afternoon I decided to read the children the Easter Story for their RE lesson. They really don't know the story which I find sad and one child even asked me if there are still Christians today. Then the tricky subject of 'Is the Easter Bunny real?' came up. I did tell them there is no Easter Bunny in the Bible and then asked them who they thought brings the Easter Eggs? I think most of them realise that the Easter Bunny along with the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas is more story than reality but enjoy the magical feeling, and why not?
Our staff meeting was about formative assessment which does look very interesting but we have each been given a weighty tome to read over the holidays and we have to report back on one chapter. 
There was just enough time when I got home to split another load of logs so that we can dry them out on top of the woodburner.
 The sky was quite pretty coming home tonight.

 Patch enjoying finishing off some cottage cheese.
I expect he wishes his face was smaller or the pot bigger.


Happyone said...

Funny picture of Patch with the bucket on his face. : )
I do the same as you with the brushes.

Harriet said...

Ruta, I read "formative assessment" ... I have NO idea what I read. Best wishes to you and your fellow teachers in using this methodology.