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Saturday, 21 March 2015


We've been blessed with yet another sunny day. The chilly breeze was a reminder that it is early in the year but the sunshine is always welcome. No doubt unremitting sun would become boring but I'm not overwhelmingly keen on grey skies.
In between washing the paving slabs I started on the outside woodwork first rubbing down any loose paint, then washing and finally undercoating the bare patches. While generally I'm a traditionalist I am a great fan of UPVC  windows which only need a wipe over. But for me doors should be proper wood, we've got UPVC doors on the conservatory and they just don't look right to me.
I also did some gardening. I thought about cutting the grass but it hasn't rained since I cut it last week so I left that job and instead cut down all the old flower heads in the marjoram and sedum bed pulling up a few stray weeds as well. While I was there I tried to clear the long grass growing under a climbing rose. The rose bush stabbed me once - painfully but I did get most of the grass growing on top of the wall.

For my final break I put a sun-lounger in a sheltered corner and had a cup of tea while I read my book. 

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Happyone said...

I always enjoy seeing your gardens.
We had some sun today and I got to do a little yard work too. : )