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Monday, 23 March 2015


We're back to the grey once more. With rain coming in at lunchtime it wasn't a day for painting woodwork so instead I cobbled together a new compost bin in between pressure washing the paving. The old one,  made at least 15 years ago from wooden pallets lashed together with wire had lasted well but was almost rotted away. I used a couple of old wooden half doors and a wire netting gate to make a temporary structure for weeds and kitchen waste. I have several spots around the place to dump branches and cuttings but I like to have somewhere specific for the kitchen waste. 
I didn't get to do music this afternoon at school as the children need to make their Easter hats. I let them get on with their own ideas only helping them with cutting out ears and Easter eggs from card and giving them bits of sellotape.
At home the goose family is back down to 2. Up until last week the 5 youngsters came every day with their parents to graze on the fields near the lake before they all flew off each evening. 
Photos taken at 5.00 this evening.


Harriet said...

Wonderful photo of sheep. Thanks Ruta.

Happyone said...

Oh I LOVE the picture of the sheep. Beautiful.

Billy said...

What kind of kitchen waste do you put in your compost?

Ruta M. said...

The sheep are the ones with one black one but it had gone down the slope by the time I parked and got the camera out. I'll have another try and I'm also trying to spot lambs near a safe place to park.
Re composting- I put any vegetable or fruit waste in the compost bin along with weeds (apart from bindweed roots) from the garden. Any left over protein (meat, fish etc) gets eaten by the cats (and dogs when we had them) so only bones end up in the dustbin. But I don't put tea bags in the compost bin because I really can't stand wet paper, not quite a phobia but it makes me shudder.