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Monday, 2 March 2015


It was bitterly cold this morning and we've had frequent hail storms all through the day. In between there's been some bright sun always accompanied by a cold wind. I left for work a bit earlier today as I had a parcel to post. I was also going to get some petrol but that didn't work out too well. First I drove past the turning to the petrol station (at Tesco's) and had to carry on to the main car park, drive around and back to the petrol station only to discover it was closed for repairs or something. So instead I drove back, in the main car park and bought a few things in Tesco's. 
School was fine, singing again with the reception children. They thought our latest song about a big hippopotamus with a great big bottomus was hilarious.
On my way out this morning Exmoor looked quite white but it was all gone by the time I got home this evening. 
I've just had a look at the forecast and it shows rain from now until tomorrow night and then some snow. Not so good for me as I'm going to work early Tuesday and Wednesday,

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