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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


We had a sunny morning and a cloudy afternoon. For my 'in between' jobs first I got out the circular saw and cut up some branches and some old wood planks from our store which I don't think we are ever going to use. All useful for the woodburner. Later I put on some strong work gloves and got to work on the brambles growing alongside the hen run. The Rambling Rector (rose) also needed some taming as there were some long shoots with vicious thorns dangling down from the trees. 
I went in to work earlier than usual as we were having a surprise lunch for one of my friends who is going off to teach in another school. I've known her since she started at our school 12 years ago and it is a shame to see her go but I know she will be happy in her new job at my boys' old village school. After work I was supposed to be going to a meeting about RE assessment but the teacher I was going with went home with a migraine and by the time I had seen all my class out and left a message for the school caretaker that I would pick my car up later, the teacher from the other school who was going to give us a lift had already gone. I didn't even know where the meeting was being held so instead I went into town to change my library books.
Coming home there were dark grey clouds in the sky. As I got down to the house the shower in the distance (above) had moved overhead and released hail which stung as I ran from the car. 


Happyone said...

Oh my that last picture with the tree and daffodil is fantastic. Would you mind if I used it for my desk top?

Billy said...

Yes. That last photo is absolutely beautiful!

Ruta M. said...

Feel free to use my picture. It just makes me feel cold when I look at it because there was a nasty wind when I got out of the car, but I thought it was a good contrast.

Happyone said...

Thanks. : )