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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday.

It's Mothering Sunday and it was lovely first to be given this orchid from Romas (he asked Peter to get it for him), and then ...
... to take delivery of an enormous bouquet from Vytas. It was especially lovely to have a phone call from Romas this morning. Vytas I know is away for the weekend.
I decided to have a day off from my healthy eating plan starting with a brunch of cinnamon and raisin bagels and I'm looking forward to some chocolate truffles later on. I've also made myself a very indulgent dessert, something along the lines of Eton Mess; sweet whipped cream with passion fruit and meringues. I'm calling it Mother's Munchy Mess. 
It's been another cold, clammy day. I did go and do some work in the garden, not too much as I had a dreadful time getting to sleep last night after all that heaving around of stones. I managed to move about half the soil from the compost heap onto the wall before I felt I ought to stop.
Tadpoles in the pond.

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Happyone said...

The flowers are beautiful. How thoughtful your sons are. : )
Happy Mothering Day. Somehow that seems nicer to me than Mothers's Day which we have in May.