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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


We've has sun today, a hazy morning turned into a glorious afternoon. It was so warm at school that most of the children didn't bother with their jumpers at playtime.  I walked into town after work to post some of the cards that I bought yesterday. I popped into a few shops and picked up a few bargains, nothing dramatic; baby button mushrooms at 2/3s off, mozzarella cheese at 3/4s off and some necklace hangers (12 hooks on each hanger) at over 1/2 off. Only small things but I do enjoy getting a bargain.
I was up early this morning eager to get out and work on that wall. Here it is at the early stages with some large stones put in place to form the wall and the rubble from the manhole above. I haven't bothered to use cement this time as the stones are so large.

With all the stones in place, the rubble filling the gap behind and compost brought over from the heap this morning I finished off the stonework at the end of the ditch and stacked the remaining stones for later projects. Before planting a couple of the tall grasses I dug out some of the shillet (a gravel of crushed shale - slate that has disintegrated) that lies a few inches under most of the garden, and added a final barrow load of compost to give the plants a chance to grow. 
The last job of the morning was to dig up the bears-breeches that was growing under a little oak tree and replant it behind the wall. Once it gets going it should disguise the odd slope down from the lawn. The next thing I need to do is to tidy up the last bit of slope from the lawn. 
I stopped at the top of the drive on the way home to collect the recycling box which annoyingly hadn't been emptied. A pair of pied wagtails stayed still long enough for me to take a photo.


Happyone said...

I love your garden. You do so much work and out there and it shows. : )
I don't think I've ever heard of wag tail birds.

Ruta M. said...

Gardening is my pleasure and I could spend all day outside.
Wagtails are small birds that walk around bobbing their tails up and down. I often see them walking around car parks in town.