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Thursday, 12 March 2015


We've been stuck under a cold weather front so it's been grey, grey, grey. It was dry first thing so I was able to split and bring in 3 more loads of wood. I also sawed up some wood I found in the outbuildings. At the same time I baked a disastrous batch of muffins. I measured out too much milk and then when I realised my mistake I added more flour but no more sugar or butter. The resulting muffins were not very sweet and a bit over-baked. When I got home this evening I made some chocolate icing/frosting to add some sweetness and soften up the crispy tops. You can't go wrong with sugar, chocolate and butter. Then when Peter arrived home he reminded me that it is his team leader's 60th birthday tomorrow so she will be bringing cakes for everybody. Perhaps they can have the muffins on Monday.
I did an extra afternoon with the reception children today which was mostly listening to readers, not too stressful. Afterwards I drove over to Tesco's as there were a few things I needed and I still forgot the sultanas which are nearly half the price of anywhere else. I treated myself to a few things while I was there; a large cylindrical glass vase to replace on that had got broken a while back and 2 vest tops in royal blue and orange. I've bought the same ones in black before and by buying the largest size and adding some underarm darts I end up with a flattering sleeveless tunic suitable to wear for work with leggings.
I saw 3 stags in the field this morning. They all had identical antlers and from what I can find out they are about 3 years old. The hinds usually have their calves (not fawns apparently) from mid-May to mid-June so there is still a while to go. 

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