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Friday, 6 March 2015


Last night I found this Peacock butterfly in the kitchen. This morning I let it out though I don't know how long it survived with the cats about. 
With the sun shining and a gentle breeze it has been an amazingly warm day. With the temperature at 15C it felt like spring or even summer. 
Naturally it was a day to be spent outside. 
First I cleared the rest of the stones from around the bore hole. Now I'm waiting to build up the bank with the old concrete from the man hole which they will be replacing soon, I hope. Then I can top it up with soil and compost and finish off the stone wall.
The conditions today were ideal for mowing so I gave all the grass the first cut of the year. The school field was cut a couple of weeks ago so I'm not that mad. 
Apart from the lone butterfly I saw a ladybird sunning itself and bumble bees on the winter flowering heather.
I'm off out this evening for a quiz night organised by the school PTFA.


Billy said...

The yard looks amazing and beautiful!

Happyone said...

Wow so nice and warm and springy.
Everything looks so pretty.