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Sunday, 29 March 2015


The gales blew on through the night (gale force 8-9 according to the shipping forecast) and into the day. Not the ideal start to British Summer Time. By the afternoon I realised it wasn't actually raining so I was able to get outside and do some more pressure washing. I've been washing the conservatory windows at the same time so I think I think I've got at least 3 more sessions. Then I'll make a start on the paving around the scree garden.
It was quite exhilarating working outside and I got some gardening done too. Just general tidying up and weeding. I also replaced the cane wigwam over the fennel as the old one had been damaged when the workmen were here. 
With all this rain the water level in the pond is back up again. The question is did my stomping around the pond seal the leak or will it go back down again? In the meantime the tadpoles have hatched and wriggling merrily away.

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