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Saturday, 14 March 2015


It's been a dry day, ideal for working outside even if it has been bitterly cold at times. There were a few brief moments when the sun broke through the clouds but for the most part it has been grey. 
My main task today was working on the new wall by the back lawn but I also repaired the stone covered grass bed that had been dug up by the drainage men last week. I have to say I was not best pleased when I discovered that of the lawn turves they had carefully  cut and laid aside (when I was at home) half had been replaced on the lawn upside down and the other half dumped in the flower bed. In sorting out this bed I wasn't doing my usual thing of running from one job to another because I'm scatter brained but I needed to see which stones and blocks were needed for the grass bed and which could be lost in the space behind the wall. I got on quite well with the stone wall and have emptied out all the ash from the woodburner there as well. Next step is to bring down all the compost from the compost heap in the old hen run.
With so much recent rain the ground is full of water and it is now that the rill at the bottom of the slope comes into its own.  Instead of turning the lawn into a quagmire the water runs into the pond from where it goes into a drain running under the back lawn and out to the stream. (All my own work.)


Happyone said...

Love those daffodils. I noticed just a tiny bit of green popping up in my front garden. My daffodils are on the way. : )

Billy said...

Daffodils are my absolute fave! I love your yard!