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Monday, 9 March 2015

Keep .... Losing .... Connection.

This morning was cool, grey and wet while this afternoon was wetter still. Before I left for work I looked out of the bedroom window and saw 2 stags in the field. I was with the Reception children today but instead of our music session I was asked to help them paint flower pictures for their Mothers' Day cards. ( It's this Sunday.) I suggested fingerprint flowers as they are not really used to watercolours and the results were bright and individual. I'm sure their mothers will love them.
Coming home after work I hit the clouds at Burridge and by the time I got up to Shirwell the visibility was quite poor.
Turning off the main road it was even harder to see ahead. All this rain is making the Broadband connection drop out but the connection is back again for a moment.


Happyone said...

While you had rain, we had a sunny day for a change.

Billy said...

I love the rain! It was mild here today. Love the pics!