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Tuesday, 10 March 2015


The sun came out this morning and so did the drainage men. They used their mini-digger to dig out all the old blockwork under the manhole while avoiding the telephone cable about a foot away from the manhole and the electricity cable running to the outlet pump. This they managed without mishap before putting in a new plastic junction chamber (or whatever the technical term is) and a new round manhole. 
It all looked fairly tidy when I came home from work. They had even tried to build up the edges of the flower bed with some of the large stones. I gave my destroyed lawn a further raking to remove the biggest stones and I'll get some grass seed on it asap. I have a feeling that lawn just grew by itself after I had levelled the spoil heaps from the installation of the waste tank 15 years ago.
They also broke up the old blockwork and barrowed it around to the back lawn where it will be useful for filling in behind the wall. I know they put gravel in around the new drains but it still seems strange that there should be so much left over from digging out a hole and filling it back in again.
I had a nice afternoon at school, more finger-print flower Mother's day cards as well as the usual phonics and hearing readers. As I drive along the country roads I keep my eyes open for the first lambs (they tend to lamb a bit later up here in the hills). No luck so far but I did see one black sheep in a flock of white sheep which looked odd. I had to have a second look to make sure it wasn't a dog in the sheep though what I would have done if it was I don't know. 
Coming down the drive this tree was full of chirruping birds. I don't know what they were, just small brown birds.

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Harriet said...

The photo of the birds in the tree almost looks like leafs on the branch tips.