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Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Another early start so that Peter could give me a lift up the hill to where my car was parked with not even a hint of frost on it. My working day simply flew by. The morning was a little more relaxed as I had to take the Year 1 children swimming which involves travelling on a coach, getting them changed and a number of head counts to make sure I haven't lost anybody. The afternoon was the usual rushing between 2 classes teaching phonics and RE. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and it felt really warm out in the playground. We had a long staff meeting after school where we discussed the latest changes in maths teaching. As ever the government (and Ofsted) are obsessed with measuring progress using formal written evidence which does not coincide with the best ways of teaching children. 
Coming home I was lucky enough to catch the sunset. 

 As I turned into our drive a buzzard was watching the field where the contractors were harvesting the fodder beet. While it did not compare with the trending weasel and woodpecker pictures I was able to get close enough to grab my camera from my lap and get a decent photo for once.
There was a car right behind me so the photos I took when the buzzard had flown along the fence a little weren't so sharp. 

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