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Monday, 29 November 2021

It was bitterly cold this morning with calm seas and overcast skies. Later on the sea mist rolled in making the washing I'd hung out on the line wet again.
We headed up the hill to the Memorial before breakfast again. I've set myself the challenge of going up there every day for a week, unless it's raining. Today I didn't make it all the way to the top without having to stop to catch my breath because the air was so cold.
There's still some snow up on the mountains and I thought I was looking at 'snow skies' but once the sea mist rolled in the temperature rose a little. I'm listening to the news as I blog, it's just been announced that all adults over 18 are to be offered booster vaccinations 3 months after the second dose. However when I checked on our health board's site they acknowledged the news but still say not to contact them unless you haven't heard 28 weeks after your second dose and only if you're over 40 (I qualify on that one.).
Peter has spent the day working in the garage and I've finally got round to sorting and cleaning the slides that got water damaged when they were stored in the bathroom. Fortunately most of the slides of my mother's art works were fine, just the plastic boxes needed a good clean. I did have to throw quite a lot of slides away but they were mainly of other artists' work or folk art. I cleaned all the little plastic side boxes with wipes and to be on the safe side have spread the slides out on paper towels across my study floor. There's still another box of folders to go through but at least I've started.
Now that I'm getting almost an aerial view of the village I thought I'd label the amenities. There are three pubs too, one still closed but they're all a bit further up past the surgery. We also have two chip shops, an Indian restaurant/ takeaway, several gift shops, a small cinema / restaurant, a couple of cafe type places and a golf club at the far end of the village. A library would have been lovely but you can't have everything. It's not the prettiest of villages though there's plenty of character but more important to us was to be within 10 miles of a hospital. No good living in a picturesque village at the foot of Snowdonia if you have 30 or 40 miles to go to get emergency care.


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