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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Long Day.

Another full day of teaching meant an early start. I think I'm so worried about not getting up in time that I wake up around 4, go back to sleep for half an hour, wake and sleep again and end up turning on the radio 15 minutes before the alarm is due to go off. 
It was a morning of minor nature encounters. While I ate my breakfast I fondly watched Squeaky chase a leaf across the room until I realised that it wasn't a leaf but a small brown frog hopping about. I rescued the frog as it tried to make an escape down the hall and put it out of the window by the stream. Then driving up the hill one of the group of pheasant hens that hang about on the corner crouched down in the grass at the side of the road before deciding to make a vertical take off as I drove past. Luckily she went straight up and not sideways across the car. And soon after that 3 smallish (blackbird sized) brown birds repeatedly flapped about wildly over the road in front of me as they tried to get enough height to fly over the hedge which they did in the end. That's what happens when you drive on country roads at sunrise.
I spent the whole day teaching the reception children which included PE and an hour of music and singing, all with my croaky voice. Luckily I had a CD for the music to help carry the tunes of my old favourites - When you're feeling blue & the Noah song each time accompanied by 7 or 8 children playing percussion instruments. 
After school instead of a staff meeting we all (teachers and teaching assistants) had a major clear out and tidy up of some of the storage areas around the place. I volunteered to tackle the science cupboard as once upon a time I was the science coordinator. It was surprising, or perhaps not, the amount of other things that had been chucked in there; 3 flat screen monitors, a tea urn and 2 electric radiators to name but a few. Some things were re-homed and an awful lot went in the bins. By 6.00 the bins were overflowing and there was a lot more space in all the big walk-in cupboards.
 I drove home as the sun was setting.

Looking east.

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