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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Another Viewing.

One good thing about having our house on the market is that for the last six months it has been in a constant state of tidiness. And then when comes to the actual viewings even more stuff is put away and we see just how nice this place is. All it needs now is for the right buyer to come along. The people this morning sounded as if they really likes it but us Brits don't like to say anything negative so you never know. They were going to look at other properties today so it is all just a matter of this place being the right one for them.
As usual I took my car up the hill to leave the yard clear. The early morning mists had lifted and it was quite warm though rather gloomy again. The sun did come out during the viewing which was good and I always leave out my lovely book of photos showing the beauty of the garden through the year. There are still quite a few flowers out as well as all the autumn colour so it doesn't look too bad. Up in the field the markers are out which means that there will be the horrible shooting of pheasants again. Lots of pheasants hang around up there because there are feeding stations in the fields. 
After all the last minute rushing around, and the work done in the last few days, we both felt quite tired in the afternoon. We had the heating on overnight to make the house feel warm and welcoming and even though we turned it off first thing it still feels very warm. The only other thing I've done is to replace the drying pole over the rayburn. When we first came I drilled 2 holes through the bases of the cupboards on either side of the rayburn so that a wooden pole could be slotted through to make somewhere to hang washing or just the tea towel. I also put in a clip under  one of the cupboards so that the pole could be slid out of the way when not being used. It all worked fine apart from the fact that I used an old broom handle for the pole and it was only an inch or two wider than the gap meaning that it was quite easy to dislodge it much to Peter's irritation. As I was having stuff delivered from the builders' merchants I ordered a 2.4m pole (gone are the days of buying wood by the length you need) which I've now cut down and put in place instead of the broom handle.
The only other thing I've doing is thinking of ideas for school. The first week back is Arts' Week the main purpose of which is for each class to create something to put up on the main corridor display boards. (That's not my definition but just the way it is.) Through the week each class will be creating work based on a known artist. I will be teaching a Year 2 class on Friday and will also have to create work for display. A bit of a challenge but I've already got ideas flying though my head. The artist whose work the children will be looking at and using for inspiration is Bryan Pearce. I have a couple of his works and knew him and his parents. My mother was the first person to exhibit his work in her art gallery as part of a mixed exhibition and I've always liked his paintings especially those of St Ives. He originally began painting as form of therapy as he suffered from a mental disability due to phenylketonuria (that's the thing they test for when they take a blood sample from a baby's heel as soon as it is born.)
( A quick photo.)
The cats like viewing days because it means they have access to the bedrooms. When people look around there is usually at least one cat fast asleep on a bed. All the rooms have been checked and closed and right now I can hear Speedy snoring away on the sofa.

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Happyone said...

It appears that your latest post as been posted twice.
The right person to buy your house is out there, they just have to get there. : )