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Thursday, 20 October 2016


It's been dry today and warm enough for the midges to still be out and biting. I finished washing all the paving today but it still needs some sweeping up and a final chasing of the muddy water into the drain before I will consider the job done. In between washing sessions I did some cutting back and weeding in the flower beds by the house. I also decided it was time to remove a lot of the pink hardy geranium that was taking over one of the beds.
Nothing much else has happened today except that the postman brought me the all-clear on my bowel cancer screening. Oh dear, here in the UK this is not a topic for general conversation but when you are offered free screening for something that is symptom-less until it is usually too late we should all be aware of the consequences of not being screened. I have an acquaintance who on receiving the 60th birthday letter said she wasn't going to take up the offer. I only hope my tale of how Peter had a pre-cancerous polyp removed after he took up the screening and follow up investigation convinced her to be screened.

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Happyone said...

Great news on the screening.
We had similar days, washing and gardening. :)