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Thursday, 13 October 2016


I did not know what treggings were either until I went into M&S today to look for some replacement leggings for work. My usual outfit for work is black leggings with some sort of tunic/vest top and my current pair had developed a hole in the knee. Not surprising considering the amount of time I spend doing PE or down on the floor with children. Most of the leggings available nowadays seem to be more like footless tights (remember the days of aerobics?) designed to be worn with shorts or short dresses. My search for a more robust garment took me to M&S where they had jeggins (stretchy skin tight jeans which we're not allowed at work) and treggings, leggings made of a heavier fabric. They didn't have my size but I tried on a pair a size larger and they seemed the sort of thing I was looking for so I ordered a pair in my size and in a longer leg length. They will be in the shop for me by Saturday. I also bought 2 tops in M&S both of which were reduced by 80%; a white vest with a V in the front and the back which shows off my tattoo and a terracotta top which had a silly belt attached at the side and centre front. I've already carefully unpicked the seams where the belt was attached and got rid of it and also taken in the elasticated waist of a pretty, brand new, lined, cotton Per Una skirt which I got in the Oxfam shop.
I was in town this morning as I'd arranged to meet up with a friend for coffee and cheesecake at Lindsay's. As ever it was lovely to chat, catching up on each other's news. After coffee and clothes shopping I drove over to Tesco's and Lidl's for some ordinary shopping. By the time I got home I was feeling a little rough due to a developing cold, a few aches and pains and the start of a sore throat. I might just have to partake of some Bailey's tonight to kill the germs. Shame I'm working all day tomorrow.

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Happyone said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow.