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Sunday, 23 October 2016


It's been windy today, a mixture of bright and grey skies but no showers. Having not done anything towards the house yesterday today has been much more productive. We were watching a program about selling your house when Peter suggested that it might be worth giving the conservatory roof a clean with the pressure washer. It was a good idea, just a shame that being in tidy mode I had already rolled up the extra long hose and put it and the pressure washer away. So up to the outbuildings I went and brought them both down. Before washing could commence I had to clean out the gutters and remove the build up of fallen leaves. I also removed the last of the damaged fleur de lis trim which over the years was the target for BB pellets or other missiles (thanks boys). That done I was all set, the pressure washer did the job but really needed to be quite close to the roof panels to remove 20 years of green algae. I found that by stretching as far as I could I still couldn't reach part of each panel. It was at that point I worked out that I could stand on the next to top rungs of the ladder in A frame mode (it's one of those handy ladders that can be straight or A shaped) so long as I had one foot on each side. That gave me a little extra reach but still not enough. So then I attacked the problem from a different angle ie using a mop while hanging out of the upstairs windows. That still left a few patches of green but determined not to be beaten I came up with the plan of fixing a kitchen cloth to the end of one of the longest of my garden canes. Success - I was able to rub away the last of the algae before a final rinse with the washer.
 Job just started.
The rest of the afternoon was spent in a more relaxed way, a cup of coffee followed by a bit of paint work, another coffee followed by hoovering etc. That way I got a bit more done without feeling as if I've been working flat out. Now I'm looking forward to an evening of watching Strictly with some fresh mango as a treat.

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Harriet said...

Enjoy your fruit and program....you earned it.