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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


It was much nicer this morning, warm and sunny with not a hint of wind. 
After hoovering everywhere upstairs I then went outside to do some much needed tidying up around the scree garden. My first job was to sweep up all the leaves especially those that had blown in under the shelter. Then I poured boiling water over the concrete to get rid of the green algae/moss growing there. I may have to go over that tomorrow with bleach as this is the worst I've seen it, all the warm weather has encouraged everything including the weeds to grow like mad. I also cleared all the leaves and weeds on the path that winds through the scree garden and pulled up the worst of the weeds elsewhere. I had just poured myself a cup of coffee, the first from the pot I had made in the morning when Peter arrived home from town. I abandoned my break to order the supplies from Wickes to be delivered tomorrow, iron a sheet that had been drying over the rayburn and unsuccessfully try and unblock the house phone number from my mobile. As I almost never use my mobile I have to remember to make a phone call once every couple of months so that I don't lose all my credit. I went to ring the house phone but somehow managed to block the number. Very irritating as the only numbers I can imagine needing are Peter's mobile, the RAC and our house phone. I managed to find instructions for unblocking a number but they were for a slightly different phone model and didn't correspond right at the end of the sequence. Perhaps one of the phone shops in town can help me.
A rather gloomy looking scree garden.


Happyone said...

The pink flowers are so pretty and I love the water drops on them as well.

Harriet said...

Well, Ruta, here in Michigan we are experiencing a rather dull day with rain predicted. We cut down shrubs and flowers and hosta and they are all coming back. The weeds too. Strange weather we've had.