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Friday, 14 October 2016

School Bug.

Another morning of getting up in the dark for a hectic day with the lively class. There was more ice on the car windscreen and before I could even set off I had to pour water over it so that I could see out. Driving to work I could see mist settling in the valleys making the landscape quite ethereal. 
When I got to work the main building smelled of bleach. This was due to an outbreak of vomiting mainly in the reception class I teach. Yesterday 7 children were away or had to be sent home with the bug and one of them had unfortunately thrown up on the classroom carpet. Hence the deep clean of those areas last night and the disinfecting of pencils and pens which small children are so fond of putting in their mouths. I had one child today who went very pale and said she felt sick so we phoned for mum who came and took her home. My sore throat has turned into a cold but by the end of the school day I had almost lost my voice. I'm sure some ice cream and a drop of Bailey's will be very soothing.

I stopped on the way home to take some photos of the evening sky across the bay. (A bit fuzzy and tilting I'm afraid.)

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Happyone said...

Hope the ice cream did the trick. : )