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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Patio Cleaning.

It has been a dry day, even sunny at times so I've spent a lot of time working outside. I've been mainly using the pressure washer to clean the paving in front of the house but I've been mixing that with some weeding and cutting back so that I don't spend too long doing the same thing. Using the pressure washer doesn't involve bending but after a while the vibration and grip needed to hold the lance make my hand ache. Using the other hand worked but wasn't so easy to do.
I did scramble up the bank and started to clear the weeds I found yesterday as they were all I could see every time I walked up the drive.

Peter hasn't been able to do much at all as he's been suffering with his back for the last few days. A violent sneeze while he was turning to pick something up was all it took. He's now reading My Life on Lundy and we're thinking about making another visit there next year. Co-incidentally the other night there was a programme on the radio that had the theme of darkness and a lot of it was recorded on Lundy. They were talking about the generator that turns off at midnight and then I could hear the familiar echoing steps as they climbed up the Old Light to talk about the role lighthouses played on Lundy.

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