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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


It was dark this morning when the alarm went off but I was teaching all day so up I had to get. It was so cold that the heavy dew on the car's windscreen was in fact a thin layer of ice. My car takes a while to heat up so I had to keep the wipers going for quite a while. I planned to wear flip-flops at school but I was glad that I wore my sheepskin boots in the car or my toes would have frozen. The sun was out all day and by the afternoon our sheltered south facing playground was positively baking hot. Today the sunrise and sunset colours were in the 'wrong' direction as the clouds reflected the rising and setting sun and became a pretty pink, westwards in the morning and eastwards in the evening.
I had a good day with the reception class and got through all the work that had been planned by their very efficient teacher. (Must send her a message apologising for not washing up the glue brushes as I got distracted by looking high and low for a piece of paper on which I had written some notes- I found it in the end.)
I stopped up by Ashelford Corner on the way home to try and capture the delicate colours of the sky and clouds.

When I got home I had enough time to cut back more plants. It seems a shame to cut down the sedum Autumn Joy while the flower heads are still a deep red but it will only take one cold night for them to turn to mush.

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Happyone said...

Beautiful photos as always!!
Brr it was cold by you. No frost or ice here yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.