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Friday, 21 October 2016


It has been a bright and sunny day. It looked quite cold first thing but warmed up enough for the midges to be out again. This morning I came to the end of my slab washing and now the paving doesn't look so grey and grim and will lighten up a bit more as it dries out. 
Another parcel arrived today. A complete impulse buy as I was browsing eBay. It's another Per Una number so very well made, lined and cut on the bias. It's a stretchy velvety fabric in a dark burgundy lightened in a few areas to a deep red. I've no upcoming occasion to wear it, I simply fell in love with the back and at less than £11 (inc. p&p) I couldn't resist. (The angle of the photo has made my shoulders look broader than they really are.)
The day has been so nice that I've spent all my time outside. I've now started on working my way around the edges of areas and tidied up the whole of the rill. The honeysuckle has been clipped and I hung out of the upstairs hall window to get to the climbing rose stems that were covering the window. We've got another viewing next week so it's a matter of generally tidying up the garden.

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Harriet said...

Great dress, Ruta. It's always good to have a treasure ready for an unexpected event. Plus, your tattoo shows nicely.