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Saturday, 8 October 2016


It's been a grey but quite warm day here today. There were a few brief showers in the morning but I've spent a lot of time working in the garden. From the pink tinge in the sky right now it looks as if tomorrow will be dry as well. Even when it is grey and gloomy I only have to glance out of the kitchen window to see this cheery acer with its foliage bright with autumnal colour. Wherever I look there is still plenty of colour in the garden.
Today my aim was to cut back the valerian and generally tidy up the  bank by the drive to give a first impression to visitors of a tidy garden. I was feeling very pleased with my endeavours until I came down from the top of the bank in order to reach the last couple of valerian plants. Close up the top of the bank in particular is full of weeds; grass, plantains, brambles and even a strand of bindweed. I got rid of the bindweed and pulled up most of the brambles but that area has now moved to the top of my to-do list. I couldn't do much for half of the summer because of my back and this is a good reminder that the garden really is too much for me now 
Apart from realising how much I still need to do I enjoyed my time outside. The birds were singing, though the swallows must have gone and I could hear the riding lessons going on next door not to mention the occasional snort from the ponies out in the field. 
Still roses to enjoy as well.

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Happyone said...

Really cool closeup shot of the rose!!
It's been raining all had here.