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Monday, 10 October 2016


It's been bright and sunny today making the parts of the garden that the sun reached very pleasant indeed. This morning I continued pressure washing the front patio which I then finished after I came home from work. A lot of the garden didn't get any sun and remained cold and wet all day.

At school I was teaching the easier of the 2 year 2 classes. It was PE again and one of the skills in today's lesson was to be able to 'hopscotch' forwards and backwards. We did our lesson in the school hall and at the end I took them up on to the playground near their classroom, put them in teams of 5 and gave them some chalk to draw and play their own hopscotch. They had good fun doing this at the same time they were using the skills from the lesson and also having to work together. They seemed quite reluctant to come back in and get changed for their official playtime which unfortunately was in a different playground.
After school I stayed on a bit in the staffroom to print out some ideas for group art activities something I had offered to do in my role as art coordinator. It's only a shame that there is so little time for the children to do creative activities as schools are judged by the progress children make in the core subjects.
When I got home not only did I finish off the washing but gave my muddy car a bit of a clean. The pressure washer came in handy for removing all the mud, then a once over with a warm soapy sponge before a final rinse and my car is clean once more.
My PC seems to have gone on strike once more or rather an ultra go-slow. Photos are failing to load and I haven't been able to complete an email. I'd better get Peter to have a look at it in case it's more than just our terrible phone line.

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Happyone said...

I've love to walk around your garden. : )
We had a nice sunny day too, though a bit chilly.