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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mixed Weather.

It's been a day of sunshine and showers. There was a pretty rainbow just now followed by some rumbles of thunder from the fast moving clouds. 
Between showers I've been able to finish pressure washing  around the back of the house and make a start on the slabs by the conservatory. 

And in between the pressure washing sessions I cut down all the artemisia in the scree garden. Even with a blocked up nose I was able to enjoy the medicinal small of the artemisia as I filled up my basket with the last of this year's growth. There was even a touch of sage to add to the aromatic bouquet though nothing from the last of raspberries and cream sedum that I also cut back. Now wouldn't that be nice if it had the scent as well as the colours of raspberries and cream. 
Parts of the house are now beginning to feel cold so we've finally put the central heating on. With the kitchen and Peter's study above being kept warm by the rayburn it does seem a little extravagant but it does make the place feel a lot nicer so why not?

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