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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


All day long the air has been filled with the pitter patter not of rain but of dry leaves falling from the trees though there was the occasional light shower in the morning. My main outside job today was to clean the green concrete under the shelter. That was done the old fashioned way, first with a scrubbing brush and plenty of bleach and then with a mop and bucket. I'm so glad there is an outdoor tap up there because I lost count of the number of times I refilled the bucket. Now at last the concrete is back to grey with a bit of green around the edges rather than a large area of bright green. Each time I walked along to empty the bucket I couldn't help noticing the state of the scree garden. If it had only been leaves that wouldn't have been so bad but there seemed to be large weeds everywhere along with the moss and leaves. In the end I gave in and cleared a whole corner. I just have to be so aware that my back doesn't like that type of work down on my knees otherwise I would spend whole days weeding and leaf clearing. 
Peter went back into town and bought a strip of the stuff  to repair the inside of the conservatory. 
It took a bit of measuring and cutting to get the piece to fit around the roof bars but it looks a lot neater now. The new drain pipes and fittings from Wickes arrived this afternoon so that will be the next job to do. 
Winter Flowering Jasmine.

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