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Monday, 24 October 2016


After yesterday's great efforts I don't feel that I've achieved so much today. It's been one of those grey damp days that don't inspire me to be at all energetic. However we did go out and measure up at the back of the house so that we can replace the currently ad hoc arrangement of guttering that takes the water from some of the gutters out to the stream. As we can't get 2.5m lengths of guttering in either of our cars we have to get it delivered but I'm holding off ordering until Peter's checked out another place for some replacement trim for the conservatory and more importantly a length of plastic board to replace a piece that was broken off inside the conservatory. What's so irritating is the fact that I only threw out the broken piece in the last year as I found it lying around outside and didn't realise where it came from. If we still had it it could have been glued back into place. That's what happens when you start clearing stuff away.
My only venture outside was to drive the rubbish up for tomorrow morning's collection. Apart from that I've just been pottering about doing a bit of tidying up and cleaning. One thing I did was to pack up a small parcel which Peter will post for me tomorrow. Apparently the main Post Office has closed and instead has moved into W H Smith's in the High Street. Considering how long the queues used to be in the main Post Office I wonder how that is going to work out?

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Happyone said...

The beautiful colored leaves look even pretty on the rocks.