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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


It's been a nice bright day but this morning I was simply glad of the chance to get an extra hour's sleep. My afternoon at school was with the reception class and yes, you've guessed it - we did PE again. It was only  on my way home that I remembered I'd forgotten to put the tub of beanbags and cones away in the cupboard. That was because at the end of the day my attention was diverted by one of my class who had lost her coat, a green one. First the caretaker looked everywhere and then I went and checked the cloakroom again with no luck. There was a green coat hanging up which the child said wasn't hers so I wondered if another child from the other reception class might have taken hers by mistake. We went to the other class but most of the children had gone home. Then when I took the child back to her dad guess what? It was her coat!
I was out of school promptly in a good mood because this is the beginning of the half-term holiday for me. Then before I could get out of town I got stuck at the traffic lights by the hospital. This is a staggered junction with filter lanes so you do sometimes have to wait a while but the lights in front of me seemed to have got stuck on red. There were 4 cars in front of me and the traffic behind me was stacking up for as far as I could see. Eventually the car in front of me moved across to the left hand lane and drove through the red light leaving the way clear for me to get up to the light. Then very cautiously I also turned left through the red light feeling a touch naughty at the same time. A good thing there aren't any cameras on those lights.
When I got home I was able to spend an hour working outside finishing off washing the paving in front of the conservatory and cutting back the bulk of the golden marjoram. Now there's just the paving at the side of the house to do as well as plenty of autumn work to do in the garden.

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