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Wednesday, 12 October 2016


It's been sunny again but felt a lot warmer even though it was windier. It would have been a great drying day had I got up early to put some washing in the machine. As it was I was able to cut back all of the circle of sedum in the scree garden. Still plenty left to do but I'm getting there slowly. It stayed sunny all day and it was only just now (6.30) that we had a brief shower.

At school I had the reception class again and yet another PE session. At our after school staff meeting we had to decide on dates for our appraisal meetings with the headteacher (not something I look forward to) and also decide on peer lesson observations. I was included in this and as I have to do so much PE I asked to watch our PE specialist teaching PE from the new scheme and then he will have to watch me teach PE. As I'm not full-time I will probably need to come in during my own time but it is something I would find helpful anyway. 

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Happyone said...

Cool looking clouds. We had a nice sunny day too. : )