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Saturday, 15 October 2016


My cold has reached the runny nose stage along with a bit of coughing and spluttering but nothing too serious. This morning I started on the back of the house washing the concrete slab the house is built on. This is the first time I've used the pressure washer on that area so there was quite a bit of moss to remove. It looks a lot more cared for now especially as I cleared away all the leaves and weeds from the strip of land between the back of the house and the stream. My work was stopped by the onset of rain which then developed into quite a heavy downpour. Naturally my thoughts went to our flood defences on the road which lead to me donning a raincoat and going up to tidy up and extend the dams. The postman had already driven down bringing some post including a parcel for me. This was another Per Una dress which I had bought very cheaply on eBay. It may sound as if I have a thing for Per Una but a lot of that line is not my style - I would call it more for 'ladies that lunch', but they are very good quality and these bias cut dresses fit very well. This linen mix dress would do for a lot of occasions and could be dressed up with suitable accessories for a more formal event. Not that I have anything on the calendar at the moment. 
With the rain continuing I finished off my afternoon with some ironing and a bit of guitar practise, may play the piano now as well. 

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Happyone said...

Your dress is very nice. : )
Those power washers are really something. They make quite a big difference.