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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Back To School.

It was back to school for all of us today. At least for me I didn't have to be there until lunchtime. One of the lovely things about working with children is the way they run up to give you a hug when they see you coming into the playground. I still had some children away with chickenpox so I expect that will be doing the rounds for a while yet. Today I had the reception children so after phonics we did PE in the hall and at the end of the day I got to read the class a story something I love doing, as they aren't doing individual or guided (small group) reading this week.
We had a staff meeting today where the maths co-ordinator showed us some new maths games for the children to play. We got quite competitive playing them ourselves but we also shared ideas on how the games could be adapted for different teaching objectives and how the children could do some recorded work in their books at the same time because outside inspectors insist on having evidence of whatever the children have been doing. That means making sure the children write in their books or else we take photos of practical activities.
After the staff meeting I drove across town to do some shopping. I went to both Asda and Tesco's to see what they had in their post Christmas sales. I did well too. There have been times in the past when money was tight but even now I still hunt for bargains. My thrifty nature means I get a kind of hunter's thrill when I find a good reduction and today was no exception. In Asda it was mainly food some of which can go in the freezer; lamb chops, breaded fish, garlic bread, chicken in barbecue sauce, spring rolls and then peaches, fancy cheeses and red peppers. In Tesco's I got luxury Christmas cards and a pair of soft blue lounging joggers with little silver stars.
The weather is still quite mild, drizzling when I went to work but dry in town.

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