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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


No rain this morning only windy and a bit colder than yesterday. There was full cloud cover but it must have been fairly thin as it was still very bright outside. Light rain eventually arrived at the very end of the day. 
This afternoon I worked with the reception children once again doing pen self portraits. They had the original drawings they had made at the beginning of last term and photos of themselves to look at. It is satisfying to see the progress they have made. One little boy said of his original portrait "I look like an elf," (Circular head, triangular ears, a few hairs standing up and dots for eyes.) and tried hard to make a more realistic picture this time.
After work as we weren't having a staff meeting, (they usually alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays,) I went into town again. This time I got most of the things I was after including a new small diary to record my daily photos and a chamois leather to wipe the inside of my car windows.
Driving home along the back road in the dusk a hare ran out into the road in front of the car then ran down the middle of the road as they do until eventually it ran under a gate and into a field. Next I had to slow down for a girl walking her dog and as I went around Ashelford Corner along came a runner full of January enthusiasm and only visible by the reflective stripes on his clothing. Who says the countryside is quiet?
I was filling up the bird feeder over the stream when a flash of yellow caught my eye. The first daffodil was flowering on the far bank.

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happyone said...

Oh wouldn't that be nice to find a daffodil. : )