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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Email.

A damp, generally grey day today. Too many aches and pains and I haven't felt my usual cheery self. Maybe because I woke at the wrong point in my sleep cycle after a stressful dream. I never have a daytime/power nap as  whenever I've tried I wake up feeling dreadful. On the other hand the day itself hasn't been too bad though I could have done without trying to access my new email account. The school IT dept. (we don't really have an IT dept. a man comes from an outside company every now and again to sort out problems, for the rest we rely on each other or ask our lovely school administrator nicely as she's got a knack of getting things to work especially printers) has set up new email accounts for all of us. This happened on a day I wasn't in school so I've just some notes on how to get into it. So far without any success. I did manage to get to a point where it showed my new email address but each time I put in the password it directed me to set up a new password. After 2 changed passwords I gave up, somebody will have to show me at school. Hooray! After puzzling over the various screens Peter came up with the correct icon to press (not the one on my 'how to' sheet.) and now I can get into my school emails.
My journey to school wasn't straightforward either. At the last turning before the school the way was closed and the road full of large work vehicles. I'm not sure what they were doing but I had to turn and take a long detour. At school I had a calm afternoon doing handwriting with the reception children and then it was over the bridge to do some shopping at Lidl's and Tesco's.
The second daffodil of the year has made an appearance on the far side of the stream. 

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happyone said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope tomorrow is back to normal.
I'm like you with the naps.