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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


We had a damp morning which turned into a wet afternoon. 
At school it was handwriting again but I changed things around a little bit so that one group at a time were able to play outside. We have an adequate shelter which they were supposed to stay under but naturally, even with an adult outside with them, they returned back to the classroom rather wet. I also moved where my TA worked with children so that she could supervise another group in the role play area. This left fewer children with me in the classroom which kept the noise levels down.
Despite the rain I had to go into town after school to post back the latest shoes from the specialist shoe makers. (I can't just hand them to our regular postman because although they have a pre-paid sticker I have to get a 'proof of posting' as well.) I've tried 6 pairs and only found 1 pair of lace ups that fitted so I'm giving up for the moment. I also dropped in at the library much to the amusement of a child from our school who was there with her mother. I got some reduced blueberries and fresh pineapple in the Co-Op and Peter brought home some mangoes as well so I have plenty of nice fruit to eat this week.

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