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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tamarind Tasting.

It hasn't been too bad down here but I haven't been outside that much today. 
I'm always ready to try something new so when I came across this tamarind fruit  in Asda the other day I bought a packet. If I had put on my glasses and read the read the description on the packaging I would have seen that even though tamarind is sometimes known as the Indian date it's not something you nibble on. Rather sour and full of bits! I found more information on line. You pour hot water over the fruit and use the resultant liquid to flavour curries and dhal. Peter says he'll give it a go sometime.  
On the other hand the Castello blue cheese bought for the give away price of 10p for a Camembert sized round is just delicious. Imagine a creamy ripe brie with a sharp blue vein. Gorgeous on wholemeal bread with fig and apple chutney. Apart from eating I've pottered around tidying up and playing the piano (without the cat this time).
This teeny tiny mint gives off a lovely strong scent whenever I mow or walk over part of the lawn near the pond.

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