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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


We had a cold, frosty morning followed by lots of sun. 
When I went outside to find somethings to photograph I was intrigued by a small patch of sunlight at the back of one of the flower beds. As can be seen by the burnt out sky I was facing into the sun so that corner should have been in the shade. It was only as I moved my hand (below) that I worked out this was part of the house behind me, probably one of the windows reflecting the sun into the flowerbed.
 These frosted leaves were in the same flowerbed.
At school I had the reception class for phonics and PE. As the children were writing on their whiteboards in phonics I was pleased to see that nearly all of them were forming m, n & h correctly so yesterday's handwriting lesson must have sunk in. After school I went into town as I had 2 pairs of shoes and the slippers to send back. Maybe I'll have better luck with the next pair I buy. I think the wider fit shoes are designed more with people who have swollen feet in mind rather than just broad feet and toes like mine.

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