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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Snow Showers.

After a morning of steady rain the winds increased and we had some snow showers. (The white streaks in the above photo are my only evidence.) During the morning I had been out and made sure that all the dams were in place and the gulley down the centre of the drive clear because the weather forecasters seemed to be mainly talking about rain. I've had a look at Metcheck  which now gives % probability of snow. Currently it's 90% and over for the rest of the day and tomorrow is between 70% and 93%. I'm glad I don't need to go into town. It doesn't feel especially cold but I've just got a fire going in the woodburner to warm the sitting room up for the evening. The last snow shower was on the 26th April last year.
Apart from battening down the hatches (so to speak) outside I've been sorting through school papers, playing the guitar and the piano though I've discovered that having a cat jump up onto the keys, sit on the top wailing and then jump back down onto the keys is even more disruptive than letting the cat sit on my lap as I play.
The postman came bearing various parcels including yet another pair of shoes.  Sadly these too will have to go back as although they are wide enough when I take out the removable insoles my heel is down so low that the sides of the shoes dig into my ankle bones.
I've also been going through my 2016 posts making notes for the family journal which I'm trying to update. So many sunny days and all that optimism over selling the house. It's the 9th month now and getting a bit tedious.

 This is about the highest the stream got today, not quite flooding the bog garden.

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happyone said...

We are having a spring day in January. 54 when I walked and now it is 62!!