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Monday, 9 January 2017


Lots of rain this morning. This was the road as I drove to school at lunchtime, a lazy photo taken from inside the car. Water was beginning to collect on and across the back roads but the main road was clear. It still felt quite mild. Yesterday we didn't even need to turn on the central heating as the rayburn keeps the old part of the house warm and it didn't feel that cold in the sitting room or our bedroom.
Halfway through the afternoon the clouds parted and we had some brilliant sunshine. I was glad the rain had eased up as I planned to walk into town after school. School itself went well with the first of this week's PE lessons.
In town I posted back the shoes - good news on that front. I'd received an email from the company telling me that the other pair of boots I'd ordered were out of stock (the website had said that stocks were low for that boot). I took the opportunity to explain my difficulty in finding shoes wide enough across the toes and said it was a bit expensive to be paying the postage just to try the shoes on. Guess what? If I return the shoes within 14 days and send an email each time I get the postage refunded too. Time to check out the website again.
I also visited the library to return some books. I took along a copy of the reminder email they'd sent me because even though I renewed the books within the stated time I had a fine on my account. The librarian explained that the system had had a glitch and wiped the fine.
When I park in a residential street nearer to town it's only an hour's free parking so I just had time to drop into a few shops before returning to the car for a drive home in the dark.

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happyone said...

Glad the dreary looking day turned into sunshine. : )