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Sunday, 22 January 2017


Much warmer today, somewhat grey and damp with occasional hints of blue in the sky. Peter went off rowing this afternoon. Just a social row as he has decided that the training rows are too much at the moment.  
It was tempting but would have been foolish to work outside so I settled down to do more on my journal. I'm determined that this time I will get the job done. I've never had a very good memory so the journal is a good way to pinpoint when things happened. Going through my notes I realise that Patch is around 13 years old and Speedy a mere 6 years old. No surprise then that Patch finds it hard to jump up while Speedy still dashes around. Mind you, Patch has been jumping up on the counter and raiding the cupboard for our Omega oil capsules. They're in packets but if one of us is down early we pop out capsules for both of us and leave the capsules just inside the cupboard. Now I have to make sure I take my capsules before I let Patch into the kitchen.
I went out to fetch in some wood for the fire to discover that the sky had turned golden and by the time I had laid the fire (which is now burning merrily) the sky had turned pink.

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