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Sunday, 15 January 2017


Only a little  wind today so not very cold. I went out in the afternoon, initially to tidy up the wall by the scree garden but then I did some leaf picking in the scree garden itself. It takes a while to get the whole area done but the stones look so good when they are clear. At least I think so.
Not much else going on today except a bit of piano and guitar practice. Peter cooked up a beef stew yesterday using up all the root vegetables from the basket. If it was me I would just throw everything in and hope for the best but he looked up a recipe and measured out all the herbs and spices. I'm sure it will taste lovely.


Harriet said...

Like you, Ruta, I tend to throw it all in ... I realize a recipe and measuring is a good thing and very often the correct thing. However, I continue to prefer my 'inventions'.

happyone said...

Yummy, I bet that stew tasted good. I'd like a bowl right about now. : )