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Monday, 23 January 2017


I looked out of one bedroom window this morning to see blue sky and sunshine but when I looked out of the other window everything was gloomy under grey clouds.  Luckily the cloudbank drifted away inland and the whole day has been filled with sunshine. While not as warm as yesterday neither was it as cold as previous days.
I went to check my emails (okay actually Facebook first) to find my monitor darkened and flicking itself on and off. After checking all the connections the verdict from Peter was that my great big monitor screen was 'no more' and needs to go in the re-cycling box. While I was at work he found me a spare monitor for the time being and has ordered me a new large screen. This one is teeny tiny, almost as small as one of those notebooks people have. The individual items/photos are the same size or a little bigger than I'm used to but I have to do a lot of scrolling to see the whole page.
At school I had my Year 2 class for SPaG and PE, both of which went well and after a bit of marking I was away quite early. 
Driving home the countryside was bathed in a lovely golden light. 
Now that the Lewis' no longer have so many dairy cows some sheep have appeared in one of their fields.
At home the oil man still hadn't come (they've promised to come first thing tomorrow after an irate phone call from Peter) and the house is scented with wood smoke from the log fire burning in the sitting room.

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happyone said...

Nice to see sunny pictures. : )
I have a pretty big monitor and love it.