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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hoar Frost.

It was more hoar frost than twinkly frost on the ground this morning. The air was still cold with the sun trying valiantly to shine through the frequent clouds. I brought in more big logs from the 2 wood stores and have kept a fire going in the sitting room from the early afternoon to warm the house up. The oil company said they would deliver as soon as they could but they didn't turn up today so it will be Monday at the earliest.
Apart from bringing in wood and keeping an eye on the fire I've been making more notes for my journal. First I skim through all my posts jotting down key events, visits, weather etc. for each season. Then I go through my notes grouping them into categories and finally I write them into the journal using an italic pen and a fancy attempt at a LOTR font with a few extra flourishes. As I go through my posts I see so many lovely sunny days (naturally I try and take photos when the sun is out), gorgeous plants and, though I say it myself some good wildlife shots. Also many accounts of storms and flooding. I hope this winter won't have too much of those. 
Today's parcel from the postman contained some sheepskin slippers. Unfortunately although they are more than long enough the width isn't quite enough. So back these go and I shall carry on looking for a pair to replace my trusty old slippers. Such a shame that both the shops selling sheepskin goods in Barnstaple closed down.

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