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Friday, 13 January 2017

Snow in the Distance.

We seem to have escaped the worst of yesterday's weather unlike other parts of the country. Yesterday's snow showers soon turned to rain and eventually icy winds. Luckily the winds dried the roads before ice had a chance to form though I understand the gritters were out in force on the main roads. Today, walking up the drive I could see Exmoor with a covering of snow.
The reason I was walking up the drive was a phone call from the estate agents booking a viewing for the afternoon. I was off up the hill to leave my car at the top of the drive. Thank goodness the drive wasn't icy and the sun was shining.  Peter was in town at the time so I whizzed around the house giving it an extra thorough cleaning and putting away all the clutter we hide from viewers. We've got to the point where we just don't get enthusiastic but the agent said things are picking up in terms of viewings anyway. (Just had another viewing booked for Monday.)

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